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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  February 23, 2013 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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clicking down to spending cutless. and congress can agree on what to do with sequestitration and how will it impact states. iran's big discovery. the country's ability to realize nuclear may have got a boost. iran found significant new deposits of raw uranium f. true it is it a boom for iran . a bust with the negotiations .
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traumatizing a three year old wheelchair girl. the father will be joining us and we'll ask him if that apology is enough. and dimension how scientist are working to bring of i egyptian mummy back to life? >> i am uma, america's news headquarters live in the nation's capitol starts right now. -- hello eeverybody. well, time is running out. next friday. 85 billion in spending cuts kick in unless congress and the white house work out a deal to stop the highly controversial sequester. many including president obama say if the sequester goes through will spell disaster from the national defense and
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food safety and affect everything from the teacher tots air traffic controllerings. others say the cuts might be just what the country needs. molly is joining us with more. >> it appears each side is digging in. there are overt sign there are deal. president obama said today that there is it time for congress to come to a deal that he would sign provided that it incluppeds more tax increases to go along with the spending cuts. >> they can pass a balanced plan for deficit reduction and cut spending in a smart way and cloyce loop holes for the well and it appears unfortunately that republicans in congress instead of compromising and instead of
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asking . wilthiest americans they want the cut to fall squarely on the class - middle class. >> the gingof this year - beginning of year they allowed the cuts. the gop said no more tax hikings but will make a deal on spending cuts. >> house republicans passed two bills to replace the president's sequester, the question is why won't he work with us? the answer is he wants higher taxings. >> medicaid and social security and food stamps are a few of the programs that will not be affect would by the sequester. but other federal programs will have belts tightened. they will not be eliminated but will have the bilts tightened. >> the state that is may be hit hard is virginia, home to
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the pentagon and military bases. joining sus-- us now congressman whitman who is urging the president and congressional leaders to find a way to make a deal and stop the cuts. great to have you here today. >> great to be with you. >> i know you are concerned about notice compromise reached. testimony us what will happen to virginia if sequestration goes through. >> for the entire state of virginia, it could mean reduction much 20,000 jobs and a impact on the state. the district i represent would be severely affected by that. we have a large number of military installation and dod civilian . eeps and main contractors that do a great job supporting our military. for our state and congressional district, impacts will be severe.
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>> they will be severe . isn't it true even with the sequestitration, the federal government will be spending more than 2013 than it did in 2012. >> it will, orchall government spending has to be decreased and we need to get on track to do that. i want to make sure we do it in a smart way. the way the cuts are put is not the smart way. in 2011 and these additional cuts by anybody's measure . it is not allowed to be done. and you we provide and work for men and women and making sure we provide for the long-term things in the nation. >> those who say it is it a good thing say we are simple i
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talking about two percent of the federal budget. is it a bit hard to understand how cutting little more than 40 million could tank a 17 trillion dollar economy? >> well, if you look at it over all. we need to get on the trajectory to reduce smending it is how the cuts are put in place and especially in the without giving the military leaders ability to and without affecting our strategy. that is what we are in favor. and we reduce spending in the federal government and not just in this manner. they are placed on 20 percent of the budget . 50 percent of the cuts is 20 percent of the spending. there is other way to address spending including the mandatory spending programs. if we don't address social security and medicare, we'll
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not get our arms around the deficits. >> no, indeed . there is it a lot of talk that that has to happen. this comes back to a year ago when sequestitration employees a bad idea and not supposed to happen. talk about the finger pointing and the blame game. the president said the sequester idea came from congress and evidence showed that the president himself came up with want idea. >> we'll know that the president had that one of the conditions on the budget control act. since that time, i was speaking out loudly to get it done and find other ways to reduce spending. and the requirement budget control act was to reduce by 1.2 trillion. we have to do that in a smart way. spinding've e -- these spending cut triggers were meant to be such that we would reduce spending and not center
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the across the board indiscriminate cuts in place. we knew they would not be in the best interest of the military. >> are you expecting a deal to happen in the 11th hour? >> i am hopeful. we can do it in a thoughtful and logical way. i want to make sure we give our military leaders the ability to make the cuts in the way they see best. it affects building and training and understanding how it affectings the military training, and also in the ships and cancellation of deployment of the carriers going to sea. we see that impact. we can avoid that. i am hopeful that the president provides leadership and comes out with a proposals and specifics on how to achieve that. >> thank you for joining us
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and all of the best to you. >> thank you, uma. >> it is it not just the defense department. could it affect your family vacation. that's not all. it could affect many other services. one of the country's greatest treasures are national parkings that are hit hard. according to a memo obtained by the associated press. they could encounter shortir shower hours and idication and grant to states and local school will be cut . fewer f.b.i. agents and custom and border patrol . correctional law officers and prosecutors. those jobs will be slashed and ability to oversee and manage the national air space and air traffic control will be reduced. air traffic control officers will be cut . assistance programs will be on
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the choning block. >> the finger pointing between the white house and sequestitration and republicans polarized the debate . rush limbaugh is it generating a lot of buzz over the comments he made this week. he's upset with the midia and both parties that are trying to sell the country on the cire dire problems of sequestitration. >> ladies and gentlemen, first time in my life, i am ashame would of my country. to be watching all of this, to be treated to have my intelligence and all ofulse . common sense intelligence. the way it is being. it is -- it makes me ashamed. >> i would like to ask you
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what you think about rush's comments and the warnings of sequestitration and overhypes . it is a tractic to have washington spend more. and we'll have them sent to hurricane uma. we'll read them later this hour. >> this fox news alert. iran state run news agency is telling the world they are stiting on - sitting on uranium deposts than first believed. it is just days before key nuclear talks on tuesday. here is more from the mideast news room in jerusalem. >> uma, war come as tensions esicatalate. >> the grole of the three day military exercise is to improve the islamic military
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readiness. iranian tanks and troops attacking staged enemy position . eral and the united states accuse iran is building a nuclear weapon . teran rejected it and said israel hinted it may attack iran and trying push want united states in a preemptive strike. so far the obama administration has relied on economic sanctions. teran discovered a new large uranium depompt iran is not allowed to import uranium. diplomats from the united states and russia and germany and france are schedule tod meet with iranian leaders to discuss the sanctions and most people are not optmistic. neither side are particularly
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offering anything new. >> conor powell. thank you for the update. >> president obama took a step toward gay rights. the justice defendant file would briefs that the defense was marriage act should be struct down . that has social conservative wondering if the president will weigh in on california's controversial proposition 8. peter doocy is standing by with the story. >> the obama administration said they will not defame the defense of marriage act in new york. they think that will law is unconstitutional. defense of marriage act was pass nine 96 and man dates that married couples must be one man and woman if they want to receive benefits. thigh wroit it denies same-sex couples that are legally married an important array of
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federal benefits to legally married opposite sex couplings. president opposed legalizing gay marriage and publicly shifted before the reelection campaign and last week he said >> my personal view, which is i think that same-sex couples should have the rights and treated like everybody else. >> president obama's administration has until the this month to file a brief against proposition 8 which bans gay marriage in california. legal experts are worried about the precedent that may set. it is basically judicial policy making and it is it a policy i greeagree with if they do it some things ought to be left to the voters. >> and nationally 37 states ban stame-sex marriage. no matter what happens in california. stame-sex coupems will be
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allowed to join together in civil unionings. - unions. >> scary moment necessary the university of massachusetts campus. it was put on lock down. there a report of a person in body armor roaming through the building with a. law enforcement swarmed the campus . students were urged to stay in door. they now staw the report unfounded. >> racers are gearing up for the daytona up. a woman taken the pole for a first time. rick is standing by and look at what is happening behind the scenes, hi, rick. >> hey, uma, great to be here and certainly nice weather today. but there is it a chance of rain tomorrow. the race today starts in 30
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minutes and everybody here is getting ready for it and all of the pitts are ready and crounds are doing what they do and go up on the race track and find the finish line. you can gets up close access to all of the racers and teams and such. >> you said it, this year the story is danica patrick. that means she's starting in number one position and that gives you a good shot to be able to possibly win. a lot of people are saying they will not get on the band wagon unless she can win the race and that is a tall order it is obviously not an easy thing to do. they are wondering if teammates will help danica patrick win and propole nascar back in the top of sports and it would be a story of the
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year for a woman to win the race. here get starting in this position has everyone talk brings more eyes and money in the sports . if you are nascar that is only a good thing. >> it would be fab lis if she won. for folkings who never have been here. give us the a sense of the energy and buzz right now. >> you have fans that are rabid fans of the sport . in the speed way. it is a two and half mile. on the inside of it people camp. 200,000 people will be here to watch this event which is increedible and people who sphend all week long camping. they get to come here and witness. right here. this is it pit row and where all . big crews hang out . can you imagine going to the superbowl and you and i me buy a ticket and right nupt end
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zone. that creates an energy level they think is it unmatched for main sporsts and the excitement that you find here. the other thidge that is it unique. daytona 500 is the superbowl of nascar and first event . season and they bring in the new season with the largest event of the year. >> and also looks excite so many fans waiting for the big race and i know you will be keeping you eye on it thank us for the update on daytona. appreciate it tomorrow night. the stars will be hitting the red carpet and pick up oscars and it is not all about the statues after the break. one man's campaign to get them to shine the spotlight on someone he called mirk's abandoned hero . an adorable three year old who uses a wheelchair couldn't
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>> welcome back. we have a developing story coming to you out of washington states that is raising concerns. over 600-- 6 tanks that are now leakeg. tholce tank're tankings are contaminated nuclear sate. hanford nuclear reservation. the governor said at this point it is not posing risk to public safety or environment but it hasn't reached the ground water. but plans to empty the tanks are facing lock delays. they were only designed to last 20 years is it a story we are keeping close watch on. i come to the conclusion that
12:24 pm
the accused made a case to be ried on bail . >> you can hear the cries of yes in the south african courtroom as the judge releases oscar pistorius on bail. the judge ordering him to hand over his passport or guns that he owns. his relatives are relieved. >> we know that oscar's version of what happened. at that tragic night. and that is the truth and that will privail in the coming court cases. and riva stein stine. he said he thought someone breaking in the house and prosecutors were stunned by
12:25 pm
the procedures in the case and said they will be ready for the next hearing that is set for june. >> back in this country, tomorrow night. actorings aring in los angeles with the academy awards. one california philan tropist is priveding the spotlight. he is in los angeles with more on the story. >> that man was a doctor that was recruitsed by the c.i.a.. he was imprisoned and torteured for helping the united states. step forward, the beverly hills businessman who said america should not left the doctor behind. he was out last night in the preoscar parties where he was handing out awareness ribbons.
12:26 pm
in the year zero dark 30 is out for oscars, film makers can bring want predictment to the world a attention. >> here is a chance to turn that portrayal into something miraclous . a chance to free somebody that is it responsible for fightfinding the guy who murdered thousand of people in the twin towers in 9/11. >> these are the ribbons that he was handing out last night. they say fry dr. freddie and aamerica's abandoned hero. they are setting up a website for people to get their own ribbon. and it is trying to free him . they ran a full page ad in which he urges the producers to use their moment lime light to rally for the doctor. he thank would fox news in
12:27 pm
bringing afridi's voice to the world. they were wandering around with the ribbons. we have heard nothing from the zero dark 30 team. >> it will be interesting to see how it plays out tomorrow night with the oscars. >> how much screening does ape three year old child in a wheelchair need before boarding a plane. tsa agents believe it is it a bit. that's coming up next so you say men are superior drivers?
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>> welcome back. pope benedict xvi is wrapping up a week long spiritual retreat that is part of lent.
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the pontiff is taking care of a lot of business before retirement comes up . peter doocy is standing by with more on that and the rest of the top stories. >> uma, pope benedict xvi just made final remarks to the officials who run the vatican bureaucracy. he talked about the evil, and suffering and corruption that has defaced god's creation. remarkings after blunt criticism from a cardinal about problem vats vat. >> prosecutors in colorado played a chilling 911 call from the accused killer of jessica ridge way. he murdered her and has proof of it she disappeared on the way to school. investigators in las vegas are hunting for a gunman in a black range rover who opened fire and trugered a multicar pile up explosion that killed
12:33 pm
three people. they are lookingament surveillance video and looking for a range rover with blacked out wintedos and custom rimmings. >> in los angeles, streetings are being blocked off and red carpet rommed out for the oscars. seth mcfar land hosts the academy awards tomorrow night. those are top stories. >> thisshould be quite a night, thank you, peter. >> and many of you -- (crying) >> you have a baby. airport security checkpoint on the way to disneyworld. this video generated a lot of concern. the little girl is three year old lucy and all began when the tsa agents swabbed her wheelchair with residue .
12:34 pm
patted her down. >> joining us now with lucy's father. talk about she is doing fine at this point. and we have snow days . shy's having a good time at home. >> what was your first reaction when they patted down your daughter. >> i was scared and concerned about the impact this would have on the travel. i said this is unreasonable and it was one of those things that you hear about the tsa doing and you don't believe it >> you try reason with them because this is it a little girl in a wheelchair. >> initially he went through
12:35 pm
to get the pat down . the issue is whether or not we could keep her or not . that's the commission. annie insisted on taping her . the tage said it illegal . an nie said shy was going to tape and she was going to continuing. >> it must have been heart breaking for you to stee your daughter break down in tearings. >> tough to see lucy is it a gentle and sweet child and not a fussy child and so looking forward to going to disneyworld. at that point it too much for her. >> and the ta are apologizing, but are you satisfied with their response? >> the director . st. louis ta called me personally to apologize and he said lucy should not be threaten wide a pat down and it was not illegal to tape.
12:36 pm
those were the two issues we wanted to address. the only person who can authorize a pat down the director of the tsa which is it him. he apologize said they were going to undergo additional training, i hope that is the case. >> our vupers are seeing shots of your daughter with the folks at dizz we are happy about that. >> she had a wonderful time in disney and they have treated her well and we are appreciative of that. >> thank you so much mr. fork. i appreciate your comments and i hope it never happens again. >> thank you very much. >> take care. >> growing concerns about cybir attacks believed to come from chin a. we'll look at how bigment problem is . what they are doing d about it and how modern medical technology is it helping mummies in ways we have never
12:37 pm
seen before. great, everybody made it.
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>> welcome back everybody. here's what is trending on fox news at this hour. deis raging over the use of small here in the u.s.. officialings are planning to expand them by police and local responders. they are simply too inand the department of the homeland security appoint happened a group to look into whether or not they violated level. >> a new app called lives on lets you tweet after death. the site claims to learn how ow live your life and communicated to people when you were alive and continue to tweet for you after you are
12:42 pm
gone. it will only work if you start using it while you are still here alive on earth. >> it is like stress mall don't work. they employee punched his boss and brandished a knife after fired out he. >> and the latest round of net nit attacks coming from chin a. just how concerned should we all be about computer networks. joining with us thoughts on the author of the nuclear showdown, north corinthians takes on the world. he is here an expert on security issues. gordon, what was your reaction when you discovered that china is taking on a bigger role here than we first believed?
12:43 pm
>> we have known they have attacked american networkings. the attack on the times was a tipping point in public opinion in the united states. we have to remember just as early as in which of last year, the senate turned down a cyber security bill. i don't think they would do that in the wake of the revelation of new york washington poist and all major media organization. >> do you think more have been compromise we just don't know about it? >> every network has been compromised. the chinese have gone after every defense and pentagon net work and large mgo's because the chinese want to undermine the institutions of a free society and they have tried to undermine the united states for more than a deck on ---
12:44 pm
decade. >> and the chinese government denies being engaged in this activity. but at the same time what can the united states do when it comes to holding china accountable for these types of actions? >> one thing we shouldn't do is have the treaty that senator feinstein talks about. talking to them. because the obama administration did that in the first time and the spikes spiked dramatically and we shouldn't use cyber weapons and we shouldn't reveal our capabilitiless. but we can sanction chin taand their exumps. their economy is fragile . what we need to do is hurt the cost. we have no choice. cybir attacks cost the u.s. economy ep billion a year .
12:45 pm
we are already bleeding. >> doesn't the united states walk a fine line given the fact that we borrowed money from chin a. >> that really doesn't give them leverage balse . way the gloible markets work. the chinese since 2008 talked about the nuclear that is selling treasury obligation but they don't do it because it doesn't work. >> this is it a matter of the really first importance for the united states. >> it is a serious issue. gordon chang thank you for your insight. >> thank you, uma. nasa mars drover pulled out a drill and goes to work on the red planetas rock . bringing 3 d technology to a 4,000 mummy. fascinating look when america's news headquarters
12:46 pm
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>> it may not sound much to us earthlingings. the mars rover that could
12:50 pm
manage tod drill in a martian rock. it was never done before. scientist were thrill tod see the powder as the robotic arm bore through a two and half inch hole and pulled out a sample. the pictures are amazing. one scientist said they have worked toward this day for years. quite a moment indeed. >> a 4,000 egyptian mummy is being brought back to life using modern technology. they are creating 3 d scans of the mummy which they are calling chabie. the doctor at the mum seem. welcome, sir, great to have you hire - here today. talk about the cutting edge technology. what have you learned from taking a scan of the mummy that is it thousands of years oiled? >> the most interesting thing
12:51 pm
is it that we discovered that it has a mummy mask. without unwrapping the mum i we wouldn't have known that and a previous scan in 1986, the resolution coars at that time we couldn't see the mask . now we know he has a mummy mask. >> what is it about the technology that is it takingment scientist in another realm in the 21st certain. >> it is previously. you would have had to destroy and unwrap it and stee what is inside. this technology allows us to preserve the mumep and get a good image of what is going on inside of the mummy . with it, we'll be able to make a 3 d print out of the skull and mandible and put them
12:52 pm
together and reconstruct the face of the mummy. >> this mum i was found in the 1920s? >> yes, it was escavated by the musteam of fine arts of boston and harvard university. what do we know about the history of the mumep. >> he lived 4,000 years ago. at the end of the first intermediate president and when it was excavated he was sent to boston and in 1953, boston agreed to sell it to the virginia museum much fine arts and so people in virginia would be able to see a mum yeegyptian artifacts without traveling to boston or egypt. >> what secrets have you discovered that we may never have known had you not viewed the technology. you talked about the mask but what about the other discoveries that you have
12:53 pm
maid. >>ment marving is most exciting thing of course . this is a very early mummy and very few of them have been scanned and so we were able to learn that the limbs separately wrapped from the body. you can see the arms and legs in place. the chest, all . bones are mixed up in a jumble. the velvis is in the chest cavit yemandible in the neck and chest and teeth in different parts television and so one of the things they will be able to do is reconstruct what the skelton should look like and get a better sense of the size and man's age at death. there is no deterioration of the bones. we believe he was aristocratic because he was mummiified and he had an easy life it seems.
12:54 pm
nit is certainly fascinating and i know this technology will continue to be used in a special way . more research will happen in the museum. we thank you for joining us with little bilt of insight as to what is going on and the new discoveries that we have made. appreciate it >> thank you very much. >> and come and visit the museum. we have ape lot of things besides mummiless. >> we'll do. thank you soap employ. >> and here are the new alternative energy source for you. get this, it is it cheese. a 28 million dollar project in wisconsin will convert waist to power fertilizer and heat and the plant is it sent to a local company and when why come, a fox alert. watch these puppies wiggle to
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♪ >> okay. get your check out the dance moves of the adorable maltese
12:59 pm
puppies from ireland. and in this case, once the puppies start dancing and the others joined in has become a viral dance phenomenon. and thousands of people have uploaded videos of themselves doing the harlem shake on youtube. the man believed to be the world's oldest marathon runner ready to hang up his sneakers. 101-year-old is going to retire on sunday and teas when the indian born british citizen will run his last race at a competition in hong kong. he didn't take the up the sport until the age of 89 when he began running to deal with the deaths of his wife and his son. and good for him. the best to him. of course, we love hearing from you at home and we've been asking you, do you think the warnings about sequestration, spending cuts are overhyped? several of you have weighed in one viewer writes, no, because obama will cut essential services just to spite the republicans and


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